HI TIKI Staff Thanks you for wanting to get more info on November 18th Re-Start!
We have listed all rules on site and below sorry but we wont answer again on theses below:

Here are emails answers we expect to get so please don't email... read first thanks

Q. So are you saying we have to get 2 new spots to withdraw?
A. YES. There is no way around this please don't ask we wont answer.

Q. Can I pay with my profits in members area then withdraw?
A. NO Must be a New spend of at least 2 spots.

Q. Why 2 spots why not just 1 spot then withdraw?
A. Fees from pay systems 2 spots will cover all those.

Q. How long do I have to activate again?
A. Just a few days. (see bonus page for FREE spots)

Q. I see you added my withdraws back to my account what do I do with the cash now?
A, Click on activate coins and start making cash with it for a few weeks.
* Dont let your funds sit buy more spots with your Avalible Balance!
(You will still have to activate with 2 new spots with new spends)

Live on Telegram in members area or tikiprofit@gmail.com